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Meaning of Kata

The new karate created by Master Asai is not limited to one style, but adopts kata forms that fit in all schools of karate and relates to many martial arts.
He noticed that many people hurt their legs and hips practicing traditional karate and this led to his development of karate that does not injure the body. For example, the method includes stretches that incorporate breathing control allowing the muscles to stretch gently and this has resulted in karate that can be practiced safely by all karate lovers, regardless of their age, for a lifetime.
Technically his karate forms unconventional karate techniques. For example, it includes new forms such as Tenshin (turning over), Shinko Hoko (direction of movement), jump, Muchi Ken (the whip fist) and others, and these encompass all forms of offensive and defensive techniques.

マスター浅井創作の型 Kata created by Master Asai

・ 気法操=キホウソウ Kihou-sou

A technique for good health, longevity, and self-healing

・ 気法拳=キホウケン Kihou-ken


・ 序の型=ジョノカタ Jyonokata

The initial form for preparation before starting kata

・ 順路初段(Junro Shodan)

A basic kata for learning offense and defense in Maai, using the pillar and a moving leg.

・ 順路二段(Junro Nidan)

A basic kata using two hands simultaneously, allowing smooth delivery of various waza

・ 順路三段(Junro Sandan)

A basic kata for learning various striking techniques for smooth defense and offense

・ 順路四段(Junro Yondan)

A basic kata that allows easy shifting of waza while turning the body, by mastering the rotation of hips.

・ 順路五段(Junro Godan)

A basic kata that allows easy shifting of waza with effective sequence of foot movements, by mastering footwork.

・ 常行一勢〜五勢=ジョウコウイッセイ〜ゴセイ Joko Issei〜Joko Gosei

Various waza that are Junro kata with higher techniques

古典型  Classic forms

・ 鶴翼初段〜三段=カクヨクショダン〜サンダン Kakuyoku Shodan〜Kakuyoku Sandan

Kakuyoku (Crane Wings) jutsu for offensive and defensive waza. It incorporates the movements from White Crane including flying, jumping, walking, diving, swimming, standing on one leg, and wing movements. It makes joints more flexible, allowing a smoother delivery of waza.

・ 水の手=ミズノテ      Mizunote

Incorporates movements of water into taijutsu. A jutsu for mastering the concept of water, which is the change of speed and strength (sometimes intense, sometimes gentle) in waza, as in the flow of water,

・ 火の手=ヒノテ       Hinote

A jutsu for mastering the color and form (momentum) of flame, and the control of heat. Mastering the concept of fire, including the elasticity of the body, and pressure imposed by Qi.

・ 風の手=カゼノテ      Kazenote

Incorporates movements of wind into taijutsu. A jutsu for mastering the concept of wind, by understanding the wind power that arises in many parts of the natural world and the wind pressure of a whirling storm.

・ 落葉=ラクヨウ       Rakuyo

A training jutsu that incorporates jumping and tenshin that follow the movements of falling leaves, fluttering and dancing in the wind from the branch to the ground.

・ 掌手=ショウテ       Shoute

A training jutsu for offense and defense with an open hand. The palm techniques include Seki shou, Ying shou, Yang shou, Tachi shou, Uchi shou, Gai shou, Shuto shou, Hai shou, and Kai shou

・ 八門=ハチモン       Hachimon

A training jutsu for offense and defense using both arms to simultaneously perform uke and attack in one flowing movement.

・ 脚戦=キャクセン      Kyakusen

Leg techniques with lowered hips.

・ 乱腿(乱雪)=ランタイ(ランセツ)Rantai (Ransetsu)

Various leg techniques and training jutsu with focus on leg tendons, relaxing and contracting of legs.

・ 浪手=ロウシュ          Roushu

A jutsu for mastering the concept of waves for offense and defense, incorporating the ebbing and flowing, swirling, and rise and fall movements of waves into movements of hand and arms, and tenshin.

・ 明鏡二段=メイキョウニダン    Meikyou Nidan

Heightened waza of Meikyou (clear mirror) kata.

車椅子空手 Wheelchair Karate

・ 初輪〜五輪=ショリン〜ゴリン Shorin〜Gorin

松涛流空手:型名一覧  Shoutou-ryu

・ 平安初段=ヘイアンショダン Heiann Shodan

・ 平安二段=ヘイアンニダン  Heiann Nidan

・ 平安三段=ヘイアンサンダン Heiann Sandan

・ 平安四段=ヘイアンヨンダン Heiann Yondan

・ 平安五段=ヘイアンゴダン  Heiann Godan

・ 鉄騎初段=テッキショダン  Tekki Shodan

・ 鉄騎二段=テッキニダン   Tekki Nidan

・ 鉄騎三段=テッキサンダン  Tekki Sandan

・ 抜賽大(小)=バッサイダイ(ショウ)  Bassai-Dai(Syo)

・ 観空大(小)=カンクウダイ(ショウ)  Kanku-Dai(Syo)

・ 燕飛=エンピ Enpi

・ 慈恩=ジオン Jion

・ 十手=ジッテ Jitte

・ 半月=ハンゲツ Hangetsu

・ 荘鎮=ソウチン Souchinn

・ 岩鶴=ガンカク Gankaku

・ 雲手=ウンス  Unnsu

・ 明鏡=メイキョウ Meikyo

・ 五十四歩大=ゴジュウシホダイ Gojyu Shihodai

・ 五十四歩小=ゴジュウシホショウ Gojyu Shihoshu

・ 二十四歩=ニジュウシホ Nijyuu Shiho

・ 王冠=ワンカン Wankan

・ 珍手=チンテ  Chinte

・ 慈韻=ジイン  Jiin

解説:浅井惠子 監修:浅井哲彦