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Membership Application

For your organization to become a member of IJKA, please fill out a Branch Certification Application Form (Word document) and send it via e-mail to the Administrational Office.
Please note there is a membership fee to become certified. Please read the Payment page for more detail.
After payment has been confirmed, your application will be evaluated.

About Fee


annual fee japan¥ 10,000


annual fee Japan¥ 2,500

※Individual Membership Annual Fee

  • Karate Passport will be issued only one time, so the membership fee will be 2000yen from the second renewal.
    Replacement of a lost Karate Passport will cost 500 yen.
  • Once you receive the certificate from headquarters, sign the receipt, and send the scanned image of the receipt back to headquarters.
  • The membership fee must be wired to headquarters from the applicant's name, otherwise the head office will not be able to recognize whom the certificate is for.
  • When transferring the membership fee, the name of the recipient must be IJKA, otherwise the office will not be able to retrieve the funds.

Dan Grading Fee

Shodan japan\ 20,000
2DAN japan\ 25,000
3DAN japan\ 30,000
4DAN japan\ 40,000
5DAN japan\ 60,000
6DAN japan\ 80,000
7DAN japan\ 100,000
8DAN japan\ 140,000


annual fee japan\ 20,000+Dan Grading Fee


annual fee japan\ 20,000+Dan Grading Fee

Examination for Qualification and Fee

Dan US$ 50
examiner US$ 50
judge US$ 50
instructor US$ 50