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The History of Succession and Re-establishment of IJKA

On August 15th 2006, Master Asai passed away. After his funeral, members of IJKA from around the world visited our home, and talked about the future of the organization. Everyone requested that I take over, but it was so soon after Master Asai’s passing and I could not bring myself to do so at the time.

In November 2006, I was invited to Master Asai’s memorial camp in Switzerland, by Mr. Bruno Koller. For many years, Master Asai held a yearly technical seminar and camp, and members such as Mr. Bruno Koller from Switzerland, Mr, Otto Riedinger from Germany, and Mr. Giuseppe Formenton from Italy joined and many others from various countries trained under Master Asai. So that year, the regular karate camp became a memorial camp.
After the camp, we held a meeting and encouraged ourselves to continue to protect Asai karate, and concluded that I would succeed IJKA. However, still psychologically quite damaged by the loss, I could not do much at the time.

Many people continued to visit me from inside and outside of Japan, and with their warm support, by 2008, I was able to slowly start organizing myself.
On March 8th, 2010, I have succeeded IJKA and reestablished the organization. Since then, we have been making decisions as a group as seen below based on Master Asai’s policies, so as to avoid consolidating power to a few individuals.

May 15th, 2010: Global meeting in Switzerland
March 27th, 2011: Meeting at Sohonbu Tetsuhiko Kan in Taipei, Taiwan
August 7th, 2011: Global meeting at Sohonbu Tetsuhiko Kan
February 19th, 2012: Meeting at Sohonbu Tetsuhiko Kan
December 26th, 28th, 2012: Meeting at Sohonbu Tetsuhiko Kan
April 13th, 2013: Meeting at Sohonbu Tetsuhiko Kan
May 5th, 2013: Global meeting in Switzerland
November 17th, 2013: Meeting at Sohonbu Tetsuhiko Kan
March 16th, 2014: Meeting at Sohonbu Tetsuhiko Kan
(See our website for more detail.)

IJKA did not split into two separate groups. IJKA is an unique organization established by the late master Asai that is open to all schools of karate and has incorporated techniques of many different martial arts. For that reason, following the Japanese tradition, IJKA is the Soke. Master Asai is the Kaiso of Soke, and Soshi of Asai karate. The places he taught such as these in England and other areas are Bunke.

After Master Asai’s passing, there became a vacant spot in Europe for teaching the karatekas coming from all over the world wishing to learn Asai Karate. A former assistant of the Master, who we lost contact with for a long time returned, declaring he has 9 dan, and started teaching the karate created by Master Asai. but since I have never been contacted by the organization he is at, I cannot place my judgment on the situation. I am just observing from a distance.

Currently, IJKA has its honbu dojo in Taiwan Taipei Tetsuhiko Kan. Under the guidance of Shuseki Shihan, Chen sensei, along with European head Mr. Bruno Koller, Italian Chief Instructor Giuseppe Formenton, Germany Chief Instructor Otto Riedinger and other international instructors in respective countries, we are training peacefully and committed more than ever to spreading Asai karate around the world.

International Japan martial arts Karatedokai (IJKA)
                   President Keiko Asai