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IJKA has opened Product Sales Department to support the operation of events and other related matters.

A pair of Japanese Altar Lanterns: \6,000
   To commemorate your beloved lost ones these make the perfect addition, even in small spaces. Only available during Obon and Ohigan(AUGUST&SEPTEMBER).

Fireproof decoration sheet (size 16:W375mm) \3,850  (Also available in blue and purple and in different sizes.) 
This beautiful sheet is fire-safe from incent ashes and will brighten up your alter

 " Special Offer for alter lanterns and fireproof decoration sheet set: \9,500 )

・ CD Karate Song \1,500(* All excludes tax and shipment charge)

Lyrics (& Kiai): Tetsuhiko Asai Music: Joji Kainuma Arrangement: Hiroyuki Miyaguchi
1. Karate Family / Duke Aces)            3. Karate Family (Karaoke version)
2. My Life Karate Journey / Monsieur Yoshizaki (Crystal King))4. My Life Karate Journey (Karaoke version)

To order: Place your order through email, phone call, or fax, with your name and address, and the name of the product you wish to buy IJKA Product Sales Department
IJKA Product Sales Department E-mail TEL 03-3208-9311 FAX 03-3594-0717