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汪儒郁先生 空手道資歷介紹

My Karatedo Life

Wang Ju-yu September 1st, 2020 Taipei

I officially started my teaching career after graduating from college in the summer of 1978. It’s been 33 years since then already.
That year, a spontaneous idea opened the door to my longest learning and training journey of my lifetime, paving the path to my karatedo life.
I still clearly remember the summer break in August of 1978, when I started working as a Jr. high school teacher without any serious struggles. What I felt at that time was that I must find a new goal outside of my expertise, which is fine art, to complete of my life’s dream.
While I was walking around aimlessly in a bookstore nothing but books related to martial arts drew my attention. Becoming a master in martial arts, I must say, is every boy’s dream after all!
I was already 25 at the time, and I thought if I didn’t take action right there and then, it would never be realized, and only regretted. So, I found an address in one of the books.
The address belonged to the dojo全民道館on Minsheng East Road in Taipei. I went there straightaway, and completed the admission process. The path to a life-long karatedo had now begun.

I started with the white belt, practicing skills like Choku Zuki (straight punch), Mae Geri (front kick) and Age Uke (rising block). Practicing these simple and direct movements, I put all my energy, shook off my sweat and fervently followed the instructors’ directions. My heart was strained and sordid stomach acid, or perhaps bile, whatever it was it kept creeping up my throat, but that was not important. If I could move my dull body and block an instructors leg or a punch, that was a big achievement and I was happy.

I didn’t discontinue my karate training during my service in the army (Taiwanese policy of conscription). I would make up suitable excuses every now and then to be granted some time off, then ride my motorcycle for over an hour from Tamsui to Taipei city to attend a karate class.

In 1989, I passed the dan exam and got a black belt at last. Shuseki Shihan Master Chen told me then: “Attaining a black belt is not the end - rather, it is like a student certificate that allows you to start learning karatedo.”
From then on, from one tournament to the next and one trophy to the next, I pushed forward and trained myself harder into the unknown realm of karatedo.
My teachers are Shuseki Shihan Master Tetsuhiko Asai, Shuseki Shihan Master Chen Hung-Tsung, and Master Chen Hsin-Koei. Through their altruistic teaching, I was able to get a glimpse of the “secret” of karate martial arts.
Asai Shihan is the true master of all. He was strict and kind, and wherever he was, the whole place became a dojo. He did not differentiate his students according to the dan rankings; for him, everyone was forever a white belt. Under his teachings, on numerous occasions I rediscovered the art of karate. After putting on the dogi, he was calm and kind, and always accepted us with his unwavering smile. His departure not only brought endless sympathy to all, but also meant a great loss of human civilization.
Master Chen Hung-Tsung is a multi-faceted teacher with multiple talents. In class, his sharp and acute sense of observation and judgment reveal the problem and cut to the point in teaching. Each of his words can be used for the life of the students, and the teacher's teaching is not only karate, but also martial arts and the philosophy of life.

For 33 years, it was Master Chen Hsin-Koei who taught me karate, who taught us to ride on the shoulders of giants and look farther. Not only does the moderate and substantive teaching style and a cheerful personality full of humor reflect that he inherits Master Asai's values of karate innovation, he is also a leader whom we desire to revere and follow.

I established karate clubs at some of the school I was teaching at. Watching the kids putting all their energy and passion into learning karate is simply moving. After many years of teaching them, these kids have achieved a greater height; at a karatedo tournament for junior high school and elementary school in 2004, the junior girls won the girls group championship and the boys came in second for the boys group section.

Now I am 60 years old, and entering the senior age group. But I am not retiring with reasons such as my body not being able to serve what’s required of my job. Every morning I still go to work as I did when I was 40 years old, and go to the dojo as I have always done. My body is becoming increasingly more flexible, and my senses more acute for my capacity. All these are owed to years of practicing karatedo. What I can say for certain is that my karatedo masters have given me precise instructions and allowed me to persevere and move forward into the deep world of martial arts.
In August of 2018, I accompanied Master Chen Hsin-Koei, upon his request, to Shanghai to instruct karatedo there. As an instructor trainee, the experience opened my eyes to a vast world, and met with young men and women, filled with aspirations, much like how I was at their age.

I have been following the footsteps of my masters to this day, and have been fortunate to meet with those who love martial arts. Nationalities or age plays no role in this world and in this place, and I believe that my karatedo life will be fulfilled.