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2011 IJKA International Karatedo Friendship Tournament Taipei Ends with a Success

Demonstration from  鄭朝俊先生、陳東照先生、居合道 呉健文先生、for Iaigiri-do 王武雄先生、or Aiki-do brought an additional excitement to the tournament, and the event closed with a huge success.


Advisory: NPO International Japan Martial Arts Karatedokai (IJKA)
The Sports Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Interior Co-hosts
Chinese Taipei Karate Federation (CTKF)
Chunghwa Telecom(CHT)
Kaohsiung Karate Association (KKA)
Taipei Karate Association (TPKA)
愛爾達電視公司(ELTA TV)
靖天電視公司(GOLDEN TV)



Karaoke time! Participants from Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Taiwan enjoying themselves with the highlight being
Mr.Giosuel Koller's Japanese enka (traditional ballad) song 」

Staff from the Japanese administrational office also joins in on the world famous song "Sukiyaki."

And the party continued into the night…evading the painful goodbyes.


■Feedback on the 2011 IJKA Taipei International Karatedo Friendship Tournament

President Keiko Asai
Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung
Government of Taiwan

■Welcome Party at San Want Hotel

San Want Hotel
No.172, Sec. 4, Zhong Xiao East Road, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: 886-2-2772-2121   Mail:

IJKA President Keiko Asai speech

Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung speech

Welcome party hosted by Mr. Tsai Eng-Meng, the Chairman and CEO of Want Want China Holdings.

On August 5th, a welcome party was held at San Want Hotel after the tournament judge meeting. Chairman and CEO of the Want Want group, Mr. Tsai Eng-Meng, also the honorary
chairman of the 2011 International Karatedo Friendship Tournament, kindly hosted the party. Including Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung, karate-ka from many different
countries joined and had a chance to meet other members. The evening soon became a great success with everyone having a great time.

■Tournament Judge Meeting

A meeting was held with members that were the future judges at the International Karatedo Friendship Tournament. Chief Instructor Chen Hunt-tsung,
Assistant Chief Instructor Chen Hsin-koei, and members of the IJKA Technical offices from Taiwan and other countries engaged in a thorough meeting,
to ensure the tournament would take place smoothly and fairly. A welcome party followed the meeting at San Want Hotel, hosted by the tournament sponsor,
Want Want. Everyone had a great time at the big and elaborate party.




■2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Friendship Karate Tournament Preparatory Committee

Title:2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Friendship Karate Tournament Preparatory Committee Meeting
Date and time:December 22nd 20:30pm - 23:00pm

Venue:IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo-kai Taipei Main Dojo Tetsuhiko Kan


IJKA President: Keiko Asai
IJKA Chief Instructor:Chen Hunt-tsung
IJKA Assistant Chief :Instructor Chen Hsin-koei
IJKA The Main Dojo Admin Office Global Section Chief:Lin maw tsu
IJKA Main Dojo Technical Instructor:Toshiyuki Kidokoro
IJKA Main Dojo Administrative Staff:Chen li theu
Preparatory committee members:
TAIWAN:Wang,Ju-Yu、Chou,Chih-Wen、Chang-Mei-Cuan、Lai,Chi-Tung、Lin,Chyuan-jeng、 謝佳皓、Lai,Yi-Hung

●2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Friendship Karatedo Tournament Schedule, Venues and Objectives

*This tentative schedule is still subject to change
August 5th, 2011EveningWelcome party for participants
August 6th, 2011All day2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Friendship Karatedo Tournament
August 7th, 2011Morning/Afternoon2011 IJKA International Martial Arts Karatedo Technical Seminar/
2011 IJKA Dan certification examination
August 8th, 2011All day Evening Sight-seeing tour for participants
Farewell and closing

Tournament Venue:Chunghwa Telecom Co.,Ltd. Zhong Zheng Hall Gymnasium, No.42, Sec.1, Jen-Ai Rd. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tournament Objective:To strengthen the relationship with the participants and to become united in spreading Asai Karate.

●Preparatory staff and schedule

- The first round of applications will be closed at the end of January, and number of participants determined.
- There will be a second round of applications that will be due the end of February.

- The cost of the tournament,
 Japanese yen
 \3,000- for Participation Fee,
\2,000- for Technical Seminar Fee,

\5,000-~\7,000,for one night for Hotel Fee.

- For the next preparatory committee meeting and any other meeting to be held in the future, the style of a "network meeting" is more desirable (President Mrs. Asai) to allow other country members to participate, to carry on Master Asai's vision of "everyone's karate."
- The preparatory committee will meet every Wednesday from 20:30pm at the Main Dojo, Tetsuhiko Kan. (Tentative)
- Meeting schedule:

Yr.MonDateProgress Target
2010.1212/22、12/29* Complete project plan
* Send out emails to member countries from the General Secretariat in Japan to solicit participation in the tournament
* Continue with the emails and tally up the participants.  * Apply for grants
* Look for venues
* Send out invitations to the tournament judges and the guest of honor
* Send out invitations to the tournament judges and the guest of honor
* Advertising activities
* Advertising activities
* Set up the tournament venues
* Open the tournament

●Other notes on the tournament

*Target participants: Regardless of which organization people are from, welcome anyone who learned karate from Master Asai or support Master Asai's karate.
*Encourage exchange between different types or martial arts such as Kendo, Iaido, Jodo, Shaolin Kung Fu, etc, at the tournament.

●Other notes on the technical seminar
* Filming should be strictly prohibited without permission.
* Issue certifications upon completion of the seminar.

●Other topics
*It was agreed to set up the "Instructor Seminar System" from 2011 to develop instructors in each member country. People with certifications of 2-dan or higher with IJKA can apply to participate in the training.
*Member countries will be asked to send video footage of their dojo practices, to be posted on IJKA website (
*During the preparation period of the 2011 Friendship tournament, IJKA will make the utmost effort to communicate the objectives of IJKA and continue to work in unison with karate enthusiasts to carry on Asai Karate.
*IJKA is a non-profit organization.